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.You can use the following 2 methods to download the movies or series of your choice

:The first method

Click on the poster image of your chosen movie or series to be directed to the download pages as described in the video guide.
.Then, after paying the download fee, the download link will be provided to you



:The second method

If you are not able to use the first method, you can receive the download link in your email by depositing only 50% of the cost of
.downloading the movie or any part of the series of your choice

.First, select the movie or any episode of the series that you like

 Then for each movie only 99 cents or $ 1, and each episode of each series of your choice 49 cents or $ 1, through your payer account (if you do not have a payer account simply within 1 minute with a few clicks here to Open a lovely Payeer account yourself) Submit to this account number P1023388242 and take a screenshot of your deposit document

 Then email the name of the movie or any part of your chosen series, along with the image of the deposit document, to this
address ( so that you can receive the download links in your email in the shortest possible time
.​​​​​​​and watch the best and most attractive movies and series of the day. Enjoy the world​​​​​​​